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The Zorts National Power Index

Zorts stands unparalleled as the leading platform for 7v7 and Flag Football tournaments, with more events hosted on Zorts than anywhere else.

Our deep-rooted connection to the sport empowers us to leverage the vast data from these tournaments to develop an unprecedented national ranking system.

We are excited to present the Zorts National Power Index — the first-ever true measure of national excellence in the sport!

The zorts power ranking trophy

How are teams ranked?

Zorts is proud to introduce a proprietary algorithm for team ranking, crafted to ensure fairness and accuracy. The system examines many data points with a focus on 3 main criteria:

Performance in Each Event

The higher a team finishes, the greater impact their performance will have on their overall position in the Power Index.

Quantity of Tournaments

How much and how often a team competes gives them a greater opportunity to establish performance against a wide variety of opponents.

Scale of Tournaments

Participation in larger, more prestigious events will impact a teams power index ranking more than the smallest events, but every event counts!

By quantitatively assessing these factors, our algorithm effectively eliminates human bias, offering an objective measure of a team's capability. This approach ensures that every team's ranking is a true reflection of their achievements on the field.

The Zorts Gould Trophy

At the season’s end, Zorts will proudly award the top team from each Power Index division with the esteemed Zorts Gould Trophy.

Named in honor of an acclaimed physicist who is closely connected to the Zorts family, this trophy acknowledges not just the team’s excellence and skill on the field, but also celebrates the proprietary algorithm used to create our ranking system.

Frequently asked questions

Why are Zorts' rankings considered the first true National Rankings for 7v7 & 5v5 Flag Football?

Zorts hosts more 7v7 & 5v5 Flag Football tournaments than any other platform, including every significant tournament circuit. This extensive coverage allows us to establish the FIRST National Rankings for both sports!

How are the rankings calculated?

Our custom, proprietary algorithm, which is weighted by tournament size, considers several factors to allocate points. These factors, listed in order of importance, include:

·  Winning the Tournament
·  Final Bracket Play Standing
·  Pool Play Record
·  Point Differential in Pool Play
Does my team earn points at all tournaments?

For points to be awarded, Zorts must verify that at least 30% of the team's roster is consistent across tournaments. Additionally, tournament results must be verifiable. Therefore, only tournaments on Zorts using the Player Card feature will be included in the Power Index Rankings. The Zorts Power Index is based on team performance, avoiding subjective opinions or favoritism.

If my team name is misspelled or abbreviated at a tournament, will we still get points?

The Power Index tracks teams based on team name and roster. Our algorithm is designed to recognize and correct discrepancies in team names, ensuring points are allocated correctly. If there are concerns about a team name error, please contact Zorts Customer Service. The team name appearing in the Monday rankings will reflect the last name used in a Zorts-enabled event.

Can I change my team roster for different tournaments?

To earn points, 30% of your team roster must remain consistent from one tournament to the next. If less than 30% of the roster is carried over, the team will not earn points for that tournament.

What Zorts divisions are included in the Power Index?

7v7 (Boys/Coed):

10U, 12U, 14U/Middle School, 15U/Freshman, 18U/High School

Flag (5v5) Boys/Coed:

6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U

Flag (5v5) Girls:

12U, 14U, High School

Where can I find the Power Index?

Starting January 15th, 2024, the Power Index will be released every Monday at 7PM EST (4PM PST) on the Zorts app and across all Zorts social media platforms.

If my team wins the Power Index, how do we receive our trophy?

Winning teams will be featured within the Zorts Community, highlighting players and coaches. The Zorts Gould Trophy will be delivered in person by a Zorts representative or mailed to the Head Coach.

How do I become a Certified Zorts National Power Index event/series?

All 7v7 and 5v5 Flag events that utilize the Zorts Player Card and Paid Registration are automatically Zorts Certified and will count in the rankings.

Can my organization promote the National Power Index and our inclusion in it?

Absolutely! We greatly appreciate any marketing outreach you can provide. Please contact us for logos and media assets.