Triple Threat Football Triple Threat Football Tournament FEB, 2023


Triple Threat Football

We are changing the way you play the game!


So you can throw a football, but can you catch? You are a crazy good receiver, but can you defend.

Lock Down defender, but can you throw? Excel at all 3 to become the ULTIMATE TRIPLE THREAT! 

Triple Threat Football is a fast paced non contact twist on the Great American Gridiron classic. There are only 3 positions: Quarterback, Receiver and Defensive Back.

Each athlete gets 5 snaps at each position before rotating to the next position. Points are awarded for completions, receptions, deflections and interceptions on a 20x20 yard field. The athlete with the highest total after 15 snaps is the winner.

Each athlete is guaranteed at least 3 games. Athletes with the highest average of the 3 games will be seeded in a single elimination tournament bracket to determine the "Ultimate Triple Threat!"


Registration for the Triple Threat Football 1v1v1 tournament.

    • $65/player

    • Ages 14-18.

    • Gamebreaker headgear and mouth guards required.

    • Must sign a liability waiver

    • Limited to 113 players.


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