A California State Champ in the fall 0f 2013, Defensive Back Joseph "Jojo" McIntosh was well known for his in game intensity and fierce level of play on the defensive end of the field. Throughout the summer and fall of 2013 Jojo received a plethora of Division I College Football Scholarship Offers, including universities such as UCLA, Boise State and Minnesota. Eventually deciding to attend Washington, Jojo had his mind set on transitioning his "Hard Knock" style defense from high school into college. As of now, Washington is currently ranked 4th among Division I College Football Programs and has claimed the highly coveted 4th spot in the College Football Playoff. Helping lead the way for Washington on defense, is none other than Jojo McIntosh of Chaminade College Preparatory (CA). Enjoy some throwback highlights of one of Washington's top defensive players.