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Welcome to the Battle Royale National Championship!

SAFETY: Mouthpieces and Approved Soft Hell Helmets Are Mandatory (Soft Shell Helmets Must Be 4 or 5 Star Rated From VA Tech Lab, Have a Functional Retention System (Except If It Is A Xenith Loop) & Has Insurance) Approved Soft Shell Helmets at this time are GameBreaker, Shock Doctor, Xenith Loop

PLAYER CARDS: 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u, 15u, 18u 7v7 tournaments. Coaches, when registering multiple teams, please register them at the same time, so that the Multi-team Discount will apply. All players must have a valid Zorts Player Card in order to participate in any event. The Zorts Player Card is a feature to ensure the integrity of our tournaments. Birth certificates with raised seal and / or official copies are welcome. Passports, Military ID, Tribal ID, or State ID/License aill be accepted. Parents only need to upload documents once per year as the player Card is valid for 1 year. All information will be verified for accuracy.

Championship7v7 is committed to the integrity and safety of its tournaments. Submitting fraudulent documents, fighting, or behaivior deemed unacceptable will result in the Player and or Coach being banned from all future Championship7v7 events for the season and the information will be shared through with all other 7v7 event operators.

AGE ELIGIBILITY: All players will be eligible for the full 2024 saeson of Championship7v7 events based on the Age Cut-Off date of January 1, 2024. Whatever age the player is as of January 1, 2024 is the age they are classified as for the entire season. For example: If player is 14 on January 1, 2024 that player is classified as 14 all season.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: players may only play on 1 team  and in 1 age division per tournament. Any player caught playing for multiple teams can be Disqualified and Ejected fomthe event. The teams will forfeit any games that player participated in. Unsigned Seniors are eligible to play. However, at anytime that player signs a National Letter of intent (NLI) they become inelligible and if caught playing will be disqualfied from the event and the team will forfeit all games that player played in.

Championship 7v7 tournaments are Certified Zorts  Natoinal Power Index Events! 

Football (7v7)
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All Championship 7v7 tournaments are Zorts Certified National Power Index events!

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