DT3 Enterprises David Tyree’s Catch Camp

This year commemorates the 15 year anniversary of the iconic Helmet Catch that happened in Glendale, Arizona.  In celebration, the first Catch Camp is coming to Arizona Feb 3-5th, 2023.


The Catch Camp is designed to empower youth(ages 11-17) to explore the many ways there are to be connected to the sports industry. They will discover the exciting opportunities in sports whether they are experienced student-athletes, beginners, or sports fans. Catch Camp is an integrative one of a kind experience that will provide each student with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to grow exponentially.


At our specially designed CATCH camp (which stands for Commitment, Attitude, Tenacity, Creativity, Hard Work) students will strengthen the foundational components of football: Running, Blocking, and Tackling. Hard Count Athletics will facilitate instruction to students specializing in speed techniques and offensive/defensive fundamental football.



Come and be apart of history!  Register at: www.Davidtyree85.com/catch-camp

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