HOPE Through Football holds clinics in U.S. and international cities throughout the year. THE Clinics are conducted with the goal of teaching the proper way to play the game, while equipping them with the tools they need to achieve a balanced life encompassing athletic achievement, academic excellence and personal well-being.

HTF Clinics teach the correct way to play the game while receiving speed and skill training, and will be coached on how to study film. During the Clinic each participant will receive skill and performance analysis leading to a personalized skill development plan for them to take with them at the end of Clinic.

HOPE Through Football clinics are coached by Rod Woodson and current/former NFL Players and Former Coaches!
U.S. Clinics scheduled for 2021 in Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, IN, and Shelby, OH. Full Slate around the country will be back in 2022!
Register now and get coached by one of the greatest to every play the game!
Pittsburgh - 6/25-6/27 Ages: 14-18: https://zorts.app.link/season/4133
Fort Wayne - 7/6-7/7 Ages: 8-13 https://zorts.app.link/season/4134
Fort Wayne - 7/8-7/10 Ages 14-18 https://zorts.app.link/season/4135
Shelby, OH - 7/16  Agest 14-18 https://zorts.app.link/season/4136

For more information go to:https://hopethroughfootball.org/