Today we encountered an issue with the NFL Flag Bowl registration due to a bottleneck in displaying user messages.  There were 154 teams that got onto the site first, and thus were able to register their teams despite the error.  Unfortunately, for others, the bottleneck prevented some users from gaining access to the site, prompting them to see registration errors.  We found the issue, corrected the error, and deployed the fix in less than an hour.

As many are aware, tournaments have limited space due to COVID restrictions. This has led many organizations to offer limited slots for participation in their events. Unfortunately, this leaves many teams disappointed when spot fill up so quickly for a high demand event. The process for the NFL Flag Bowl registration was first come, first served via the Zorts app and website. Fortunately, over 95% of spots were filled in accordance with the NFL Flag Bowl policy before our team had to reboot the site.

At Zorts, we strive to provide a flawless experience for our users. Unfortunately, we fell short of that standard today.  We value our partnerships with numerous organizations and the Flag Football community. Furthermore, we apologize to National Flag,  NFL Flag, and their participants for the delay in allowing registration of the six remaining slots, as well as any errors they experienced while registering.