The Zorts Player Card was introduced in Late June to help ensure the integrity of tournaments and leagues around the country. Even with COVID-19 reducing the amount of events taking place, the player age/grade/division eligibility card rollout as been a smash.

Organizations love it because all players are verified by Zorts (over 175,000 athletes in our data base to cross check) and day of team check in times can be accomplished in less than 1 minute per team.

Parents love it because the card is good for a full year for all tournament and leagues using Zorts regardless of whether it is a player card event, and eligibility documents only need to be uploaded one time the whole year, saving valuable time and energy.

We would like to thank the following organizations for adapting the payer card so far!
Contact Zorts for more information at:

Championship 7v7
Hard Count Athletics for 7v7 and Flag
Texas Elite 7v7 tournament and leagues
The Bullitt Experience
Southwest Showdown
Football at 7000 feet
Clutch 7v7 Tournaments
Big Dog Bowl National Tournament Series