To the Zorts community,

From Day 1, Zorts has been committed to assisting all participants in youth sports to make the experience better for all those involved.  Zorts helps run and promote all youth events for no charge.  The current pandemic has been difficult on our young athletes as politicians, administrators, parents, and coaches make decisions on how to balance their safety and athletic aspirations.

Many states will not have regular Fall sports and Zorts expects that gap to be filled by private organizations featuring Club teams.  This activity will be highly unregulated.  Although Zorts is free to use, Zorts is requesting that all organizations that utilize our free software agree to the following suggestions:
All attendees have their temperature checked upon entry to the event
All attendees must be registered for the event on Zorts app for instant contact tracing
All players must complete a Covid Questionnaire prior to being eligible to participate
All events must have on-site staff for restroom cleaning
All spectators over the age of 2 must wear face coverings and social distance
All athletes that will have direct physical contact with one another must wear face coverings
At Zorts we realize this does not provide any guarantees against the spread of Covid, but being responsible will help.  We are urging all our users to implement these suggestions immediately.

Wishing everyone a safe and successful Fall season,

Steven Lenhoff, Founder
Zorts Sports