NCAA rule changes are set to go into effect next year. If you're a HS recruit and you have less than (3) posts on your Instagram.... NEWSFLASH, that will NOT help you build your brand.
Our partner, CLA SPORTS/SPORTS RECRUITS (Originally D1 Bound) has been showcasing HS athletes for over 10 years helping grow the social media platforms organically. With over 15,000 Instagram posts, we know what works to attract and retain followers.

Our brand building program was capped at 50 student athletes and is full, but our consulting program will help tremendously as well. All consulting program members will have 1st rights to upgrade to the Brand Building Program. Student Athletes of all sports going into 8th grade through Seniors are eligible!

Beware of people or companies making promises to you or your athletes! Rules aren't set yet but DO NOT sign anything with anyone without talking to us first.

Spaces now open in our consulting program. Go to and check out the site. Click consulting...some details are purposely left off until we talk.