There are literally thousands of Youth and Adult Sports Leagues, Tournaments, and Teams around the United States. Virtually everyone of them relies on or could use a complete management solution that allows them to run their organization or event easily and eliminates many of the headaches that are associated with running organized sports.

There are numerous companies in the space offering a wide range of applications and solutions. Most of them have free lower tier offerings with limited access and capabilities before making users upgrade into paid levels. Some will offer their service free but the fine print says they will make your personal information available to 3rd parties. Others will bombard their users with ads.

Zorts Sports has been in the marketplace for 5 years. Founded by businessman Steven Lenhoff, the CEO of after not being able to follow his son's youth tournament anywhere online, Zorts is operated with the mission of creating the largest sports community in the country. Offering a completely Free platform on the web and on iOS and Android devices, Zorts Sports offers users everything needed in one place to be able to fully execute a Tournament, Team, or a league with thousands of players. Offering full registration, accepting payments (optional), rostering, scheduling, playoff brackets, and easy notification options, Zorts is continually updating and is committed to giving their clients the best sports management application in the space.

With partners that include Pylon Football, National Flag Football, and numerous Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Basketball organizations. Esports competitions are the next frontier for Zorts Sports as the Esports space continues to explode.

What sets Zorts Sports apart? Because they are privately owned with in-house Engineers and iOS and Android Developers, Zorts is able to respond quickly to custom design features based on specific needs of their clients. As we all are aware, sometimes trying to reach companies with questions or to ask for help is a difficult, almost useless task. At Zorts Sports, the response is almost immediate. A company is only as good as their reputation and at Zorts Sports, the Customers are the #1 priority so their satisfaction is guaranteed.

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