National Flag Football

For teams participating in Summer Nationals PLEASE READ BELOW!

Hey teams, it's gonna be a hot one! So much so, we at NFF feel it is necessary to make a few modifications to ensure our players don't overheat.

1.Each team will be allowed a Hydration Coach appointed by the coach. This person will need to get a wrist band to be on the field from the director's booth. The goal of this position is to provide both shade and hydration for their teams during their games.

2.Teams will be allowed to bring a 10 x 10 tent to the sidelines for player shade. However, the tent must be manned by a Hydration Coach and MUST be located more than 5 yards away from the sideline of the field. If using a tent, the tent must be properly held or weighted down. NO stakes are permitted on the turf fields. Finally, the tent must be moved immediately after each game.
3.If you do not have a tent, a Hydration Coach can hold an umbrella to help with shade.

4.The McKinley High School cafeteria (see attached map) will serve as our Cooling Station for the weekend. In between games, it is encouraged that all players and families head to McKinley High School or their cars to cool down in between games.

5.If an official or tournament staff member feels that a player is getting too hot, he/she will remove the player from the game until approved by medical personnel to resume play.

6.Medics will be on hand to help with overheating.

7.Large Gatorade containers filled with water are provided at each field.

Attached to this post is the Field Map showing where the McKinley High School cafeteria is located. As well as guides to help your player in the heat!
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